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theIntern-ship-BG1 theIntern-ship-who-business Our team is your team. From content planning to mentoring and collaboration, there’s no business more experienced in turning employees into influencers than theIntern-ship.

We’re part of Nfinity Media, which houses SA’s #1 Influencer Marketing Group. We’ve run successful campaigns for businesses of all types, shapes and sizes and are experts at translating your specific needs into concrete plans – then making them happen.
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Upskilling + Content Creation = Success.


Not only are your employees being upskilled, you connect with a unique, niche audience base through
your employees, who distribute unique content in a more trusted, authentic and believable way.

1.8 Million

views on Employee Influencer
content that otherwise wouldn’t
have been created.

0 %

of companies say that upskilling
has boosted employee
productivity at work.


Are you ready to create
your success?

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average ROI achieved for our
clients by creating niche,
engaging content.


Are you ready to create
your success?

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