How can you improve your visibility on LinkedIn?

Intern-ship-How can you improve your visibility on LinkedIn?

Originally posted by Kevin Kirby, on LinkedIn I am often asked, “What should I be doing on LinkedIn to increase my visibility?” Well, the answer is not really that simple as there a number of behaviours that all add small increments to the final result. But, if you are going to do just one thing on LinkedIn, make […]

Is employee advocacy a good fit for your business?

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Why should you consider an employee advocacy program for your business? For a business, employee advocacy opens up opportunities to drive brand recognition, increase organic sharing and engagement, increase referral traffic, generate new leads, and source new potential hires, all through the trusted voice of their employees. For employees, participating in an employee advocacy provides […]

What is employee advocacy?

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Employee advocacy is an element of a marketing category known as influencer marketing. The other component of influencer marketing is known as social selling. These are relatively new concepts in South Africa, with very few early adopters in the B2B space, scattered across various industries. What is Employee Advocacy? The definition of employee advocacy is quite simple: it is […]

Employee advocacy – 6 quick thoughts on best practice


Originally posted on LinkedIn by Kevin Kirby. Word-of-mouth is still considered to be the most valuable form of marketing, and the prevalence and omnipresence of social media has made word-of-mouth accessible to marketers through a variety of forms of influencer marketing. Employee advocacy programmes can make up an important component in the overall communication mix of […]

10 reasons why your employee advocacy programme didn’t work.


The employee advocacy bus is moving along quite nicely and many organisations have wisely and correctly opted to climb on board in an effort to stay on top of the trend and not get left behind. But why is your programme not returning the dividends that other organisations’ programmes are providing. There are indeed a […]

Word of mouth is powerful; if it’s used properly.


Influencer Marketing, has been around since Eve first offered Adam that apple. It is the the oldest and most effective form of marketing known to humankind. However, somewhere between the start of the industrial revolution and the explosion of the internet, it is almost as if we forgot about how important the opinions of others are in determining our […]