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We see every single day as an opportunity to discover something new. From each other, from our clients, from the world out there. Whether it’s about nano-influencers and micro-influencers, Social Media Marketing, Employee Advocacy, LinkedIn Training or anything else under the sun, this is a space where we’ll share what we believe in, what we discover and the work we’ve done for our clients. Unlocking potential.

Case Studies

theintern-ship intamarket

theIntern-ship’s Employee Influencing programme built a powerful additional marketing channel for Intamarket.


How did we generate
5011% ROI for Biotronik
in only 2 months?



The Intern-ship – What We Do

Part 1: 5 Tips on improving your LinkedIn profile photo

Part 2: 5 Tips on improving your LinkedIn profile photo

Turn Employees into
Brand Ambassadors.

Train them to become your most powerful lead
generation and marketing tool.