A well planned, executed and managed employee advocacy program has the power to turn your business and brand into a robust marketing engine. 

Employees are more trusted and relatable than influencers and celebrities, and each employee has the potential to be a brand evangelist, distributing content about the organization. This could be a blog post, sharing an official image, or a look behind the scenes that could reach thousands of viewers depending on the size of our company and workforce.

Creating A Successful Campaign: Why you should outsource

A vital aspect of  an organization’s growth comes down to engagement. Motivating employees is investing in your employees.

Motivating employees to work at their full potential is the main premise of successful management.” Eraldo Banovac, Croatian author and professor

Adopting an employee advocacy campaign can pose various challenges in an established corporate environment. It’s much more than giving a celebrity a free item in return for promotion and awareness. To ensure the success of  such a program in an organization, ownership, resources and responsibility play a key role. Employee advocacy agencies focus on preparing and training your workforce on how everyone can work together on employee advocacy.

An employee advocacy agency can assist an organization with identifying, understanding and ultimately, reaching your audience by speaking to them with authenticity and creating trust.

By outlining and communicating the who, why, what, and how, an agency recognizes and amplifies the strong advantage that your company already has…employees. Your employees are more relatable than any celebrity and more trustworthy than any paid influencer or advert. 

Invest in your employees and in your company by investing in an employee advocacy program, done the right way. Engaged employees increase productivity, work quality, and retain top talent, and outsourcing your employee advocacy ensures a successful campaign.

By motivating employees with the help of experienced coaches  and implementing well-planned and proven strategies enlightens and empowers your workforce. As proven, this in turn means success for the company.