Employee advocacy – 6 quick thoughts on best practice

Originally posted on LinkedIn by Kevin Kirby.

Word-of-mouth is still considered to be the most valuable form of marketing, and the prevalence and omnipresence of social media has made word-of-mouth accessible to marketers through a variety of forms of influencer marketing.

Employee advocacy programmes can make up an important component in the overall communication mix of any company but, to get the most out of the programme, it is important to get the basics right. Here are a few thoughts on what to consider when embarking on your programme.

1. Start with a targeted group of passionate employees:

2. Tailor your programme to be both brand and employee-centric:

3. Don’t try and restrict content to company content:

4. Ensure that activity takes place on an appropriate channel:

5. Put measurable objectives in place, monitor these, and provide feedback:

6. Get the right Employee Advocacy partner on board:

The list above is by no means exhaustive, and there may also be many company and industry specific considerations that would need to be factored in to the overall programme to drive its success. It is important that Employee Advocacy programmes are run properly to ensure that they do not lose enthusiasm and impetus. Done well, they can deliver fantastic and meaningful results.