Employee Advocacy Program: Why You Should Outsource


A well planned, executed and managed employee advocacy program has the power to turn your business and brand into a robust marketing engine.  Employees are more trusted and relatable than influencers and celebrities, and each employee has the potential to be a brand evangelist, distributing content about the organization. This could be a blog post, […]

Employee Advocacy: Why You Should Outsource Yours

Outsource Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy  Employee advocacy is quite simply defined as ‘the promotion of your company by the people who work for it.’ Your employees are the people that know and love your company, and at the same time, they have their own online world of networks and connections. Read about it here for more detail on […]

Employee Advocacy: Brands don’t build trust, people do.

Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

“Your culture is your brand.” – Tony Hsieh. Your employees are the individuals that know your company the best, love it and live it. You probably won’t ask a dermatologist to assist you with your solar panel purchase, you would go to a recommended electrician or similar.  Just like you trust a PV installer or […]

Employee advocacy: The most authentic marketing you will find.

Authentic Marketing

In theory, by creating and distributing high-quality content, you will attract potential customers, gain leads and win over customers. In practice, it’s not always this simple. You may create amazing, finger-stopping content, but is it reflecting on your CTR, reach and ultimately, engagement? It’s tough out there.  A strategy that has been around for as […]

How can you improve your visibility on LinkedIn?

Intern-ship-How can you improve your visibility on LinkedIn?

How can you improve your visibility on LinkedIn? Originally posted by Kevin Kirby, on LinkedIn I am often asked, “What should I be doing on LinkedIn to increase my visibility?” Well, the answer is not really that simple as there a number of behaviours that all add small increments to the final result. But, if you are going […]

Is employee advocacy a good fit for your business?

intern-ship employee-advocacy-program

Is employee advocacy a good fit for your business? Why should you consider an employee advocacy program for your business? For a business, employee advocacy opens up opportunities to drive brand recognition, increase organic sharing and engagement, increase referral traffic, generate new leads, and source new potential hires, all through the trusted voice of their […]

What is employee advocacy?

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Employee advocacy is an element of a marketing category known as influencer marketing. The other component of influencer marketing is known as social selling. These are relatively new concepts in South Africa, with very few early adopters in the B2B space, scattered across various industries. What is Employee Advocacy? The definition of employee advocacy is quite simple: it is […]

Employee advocacy – 6 quick thoughts on best practice


Employee advocacy – 6 quick thoughts on best practice Originally posted on LinkedIn by Kevin Kirby. Word-of-mouth is still considered to be the most valuable form of marketing, and the prevalence and omnipresence of social media has made word-of-mouth accessible to marketers through a variety of forms of influencer marketing. Employee advocacy programmes can make up […]