About us

The Intern-ship is a company within the Nfinity Media Group of businesses which specialize in all aspects of Influencer Marketing. We work with B2B companies to deliver real-world business outcomes using a concept called employee advocacy.

B2B companies which operate in a niche market engage with us when:

  • Traditional marketing tactics are no longer producing the required results
  • They are looking to target specific customers in their market niche
  • They are looking for an affordable but measurable and effective online marketing strategy
  • They desire improved brand awareness, digital visibility and brand loyalty
  • They would like to acquire customers who currently do business with their competitors
  • They realise they are missing an opportunity by not being more active on social media, but are unsure of how to do so for business purposes
  • They are frustrated by low engagement on their online content
  • They wish to improve employee engagement, creativity, productivity and performance
  • They struggle to get their employees to share company content, and create original content, on social media
  • They wish to portray their company in a positive light to assist with recruitment drives
  • They wish to increase traffic to their website, and ultimately win new business

We provide a structured employee advocacy program which teaches a group of employees the necessary social media skills and cultivates a long-term habit of consistent, regular social media activity required to effectively promote the business.

Our program is different to any other social media strategy or employee advocacy initiative:

  • We provide initial practical social media training workshop followed by a period of coaching and collaboration with the team
  • Our collaborators drive participation and ensure high-quality content creation by the team
  • Our program places no administrative burden on anyone within our clients’ company as we project-manage every aspect ourselves
  • The program utilises the time employees would normally spend on social media platforms each week, thereby not adding any extra time-consuming workload
  • The activity required by the team (one post per week, per person) is aligned to business objectives and any existing social media content strategy
  • The content is never scripted, thus always comes across in the employees’ own words, which is always perceived as authentic and believable, in contrast to branded content