Why theintern-ship?

Most executives would agree that the single biggest asset of their organisation would be their people.  theintern-ship understands that principle and looks to further leverage the potential of those people in a way that benefits the organisation by creating additional media exposure points that would otherwise not be exploited.  Importantly though, the programme is designed to additionally benefit the participants themselves through facilitated learning that helps them to expand their skillsets, and grow their personal professional brand.

Typically organisations will use traditional – and even some non-traditional – forms of media to gain exposure in their own particular marketplace.  This would include advertising and conventional publicity channels.  However, in current times, Social Media is increasingly being relied upon as an integral part of the communication channels used.  A trick that is being missed in the use of the power of Social Media is how to get the best experts – the people that work in the organisation – to share their passion and knowledge in a structured and effective manner.  After all, Word of Mouth, which can be online or offline, is still the “Holy Grail of advertising” with 92% of customers trusting referrals from people they know (Nielsen).

That’s where theintern-ship comes into play; by elevating selected staff, who are already enthusiastic about the business of the organisation into super-ambassadors, who relay the good news of the organisation to their own online communities and beyond, based on a well-defined and monitored programme.  The programme includes formal training on how to create a professional online presence, training on how to create unique and authentic content that will create online resonance, mentoring and hand holding through the initial phases, and monitoring and feedback sessions to reinforce the learning and help direct the participants to establish result oriented behaviour.  A unique component of theintern-ship’s process, therefore, is how the programme creates a win-win situation for both the organisation and the individuals in the programme.

From the organisation’s point of view, the programme creates a dependable, expert, trusted and high impact communication channel that has 8X the value of normal media.  This channel is deployed on a set calendar basis to engage the marketplace about anything and everything from CSI initiatives to product benefits, and from upcoming product enhancements to recruitment messages.  However, because the programme revolves around equipping the participants with a unique and special set of skills, the programme can also fit neatly into the organisation’s training plan, thus qualifying for reimbursement of the investment from SETA.


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